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RPX Corporation (RPXC): Syndicated Transaction With Graphics Properties Holdings

RPX Corporation (Nasdaq: RPXC) is a provider of patent risk solutions, offering defensive buying, acquisition syndication, patent intelligence and advisory services. Since its founding in 2008, RPX has introduced efficiency to the patent market by providing a rational alternative to patent litigation.

RPXC announced that it has completed a syndicated patent acquisition and licensing transaction with Graphics Properties Holdings, Inc. , formerly Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Silicon Graphics was highly regarded for its innovations in the field of 3D graphics rendering and graphics processing. The GPH portfolio covers display technology used in smartphones, tablets, personal computers, media players and other devices.

RPX secured licenses under the GPH patent portfolio, as well as dismissals from pending patent litigation for nine RPX clients that participated in the syndicate in this transaction. Also, RPX acquired more than 180 GPH patents that were not yet in litigation, as well as the right to acquire licenses under the litigation patents for prospective RPX clients.

John A. Amster , Chief Executive of RPX, commented:

This structured transaction, our sixteenth to date, is a direct result of RPX’s unique position in the patent market. By working together with our clients, RPX built a syndicate that cleared patent risk without protracted, expensive, and risky litigation. RPX’s strong client network and significant syndicated transaction expertise are essential to making such transactions possible.

RPX had invested over $500 million to acquire more than 2,950 US and international patent assets and rights as of September 30, 2012.