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Swisher Hygiene (SWSH): NASDAQ Staff Determination Letter

Swisher Hygiene, Inc. is a NASDAQ and TSX listed company that provides essential hygiene and sanitation solutions to customers throughout much of North America and internationally through a global network of company-owned operations, franchises and master licensees.

Company’s range of products and services

    • Foodservice Chemicals
    • Warewashing
    • Floor Care
    • Paper Products
    • Disposable Gloves
    • Odor Control
    • Floor Mats
    • Touch-free Systems
    • Hand Care
    • Drainline Treatment
    • Bar Towels, Aprons & Wipers
    • Laundry
    • Housekeeping
    • Water Filtration
    • Restroom Hygiene Service
    • Swisher Total Image
    • Anti-Microbial Misting
    • Hygiene & Safety Analysis
    • Training & Development
    • Warewashing
    • Foodservice Chemical
    • Water Filtration
    • Floor Mats
    • Bar Towels, Aprons & Wipers

Swisher Hygiene Inc. (SWSH) announced today that it received a NASDAQ Staff Determination Letter indicating that Swisher Hygiene’s failure to hold its 2012 annual meeting of stockholders by December 31, 2012, as required by NASDAQ Listing Rule 5620, serves as an additional basis for delisting Swisher Hygiene’s securities from The NASDAQ Stock Market.

Swisher Hygiene continues to work toward regaining compliance with the NASDAQ rules and toward meeting the conditions to remain listed on NASDAQ & it will work toward filing its 2012 Form 10-K and subsequently holding its annual meeting of stockholders during the second quarter of 2013.